Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder

Ravage - Dungeons of Plunder

Ain’t no Heroes in this dungeon crawler, in Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder you play Blackroot Orcs raiding dungeons for loot and teef. That’s right you are smashing the faces of your enemies for teef in Ravage Dungeons of Plunder.

Play as Orcs in this Dungeon crawling board game

Gameplay Modes

Plays in 3 modes Solo/Co-Op and VS

Adventure (Co-Op)

Play co-operatively with your friends to complete quests, bury the head, defeat the cave serpent and slaughter the spider’s lair. This mode can be played with or without a dungeon master.

Treachery (VS)

Play against each other, you control the dungeon and monsters you draw to pit against your opponents setting off traps and looting your friends whilst you try to keep the dungeon at bay. For each hero kill you gain a promotion, become the war chief to win.


Survive the dungeon and its random boss encounter for victory, there is no resurrection in this mode.


You get to pick from one of the 4 castes:

Berserker – Unleash powerful attacks charge at your enemies, frenzy and attack multiple foes.

Shaman – Using your tribal magic transform into a raven or a bear, summon spirits and blood wield your enemies.

Cultist – Inflict fear, life drain your enemies and even summon the undead to fight for you.

Head hunter – Use poison and flaming arrows to destroy your enemies and even take head shots.

Orc HeadHunter Skills

Each hero has a set of weapons and ability cards that require energy to use, you gain energy by rolling the attack and defence dice. Once you have enough energy you can unleash these devastating attacks on your enemies and that energy you used turns into experience. Gain enough experience and you can level up your abilities.

The dungeon is presented in a deck of cards, cards are drawn each turn for you to explore the dungeon. Including hallways or room cards, for you to construct your dungeon randomly every time. You will encounter traps as you traverse through the dungeon it’s not a safe place to be, as you and your friends will discover.

Random dungeons created every time with a deck of cards


If you die your loot either sits by the trap that killed you or with the monster that killed you and runs around the dungeon with it until slain, anyone can claim your loot.


If you have enough resurrection tokens, you may resurrect on any of the resurrection points in the dungeon, these are limited so take care. If at any time a player dies and cannot resurrect you will fail your quest.

Encounter monsters as you delve the dungeon


Monsters are a plenty, and they are all heading for you, each monster has a critical success ability, you can also aggro monsters and they will take attacks of opportunity. Slaying monsters gains you teef, which you can spend at the sneaky goblin and remember

Teef = Money

Bosses have their own unique AI cards for attacks


You encounter bosses in the campaign or randomly after a set time in the solo and treachery modes, each boss has its own unique ability cards it will use to decimate you and your friends so beware.

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