Ravage Coming to Kickstarter on 18th May

Ravage is coming to Kickstarter with new stretch goals, With the addition of adding a player as the Dungeon Master as an option to the Adventure mode, the 1 vs many mode. This means the game is now 1-5 players.

Play with or without a Dungeon Master

Playing with a dungeon master is really for hardcore players, you will need to stick together. The dungeon master places the dungeon around the heroes and may activate up to 3 monsters on his monster track per turn and may attack any hero within range. If his monsters manage to kill a player they will gain either extra strength or defence as well as take your loot. Some Dungeon masters may not want to simply kill you but stop you completing your objectives.

Using Modiphius’s Logistics team we have managed to reduce shipping costs and have also managed to reduce the Kickstarter funding goal.