Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder Single Player Delve now Available on Steam via Tabletop Simulator

Play the single player delve mode in Ravage, just read up on the rules or watch the how to play video. It’s set up with the Cultist in play but the Head Hunter, Shaman and Berserker are available to play on the right edge of the table.

Get Ravage on Steam Now


Step by Step guide for Tabletop Simulator

For those of you not familiar with Tabletop Simulator and the workshop content here is a step by step guide.

Load up steam find Tabletop Simulator then tap on the browse workshop button.
Type in Ravage into this search field
Tap the green button to subscribe.
Ravage should now look like this and have a blue tick.
Load up Tabletop simulator and click single player.
You should see Ravage listed as one of the Workshop files in the blue row. If not click the workshop icon hammer and spanner then follow the next step.
This view should show you all your workshop or subscribed content. If Ravage isn’t there just double check you subscribed correctly¬†back in the steam workshop section.