Kickstarter Launch Date & Updates

Hi there I have been hiding under a rock working away and it’s about time I gave you very patient people some exciting news, yes the Kickstarter launch will be at the end of February 2017.

I have been hard at work on the Kickstarter page, video editing, getting voice overs, planning stretch goals, as well all the other additions below.

Boss Ability Cards

The back of the boss ability cards are now much easier to recognise quickly.

Treachery Mode

Treachery mode has been out with the GeekLab in Taunton who have been playtesting it recently, mainly focusing on Treachery mode (vs), a few rules needed clarification and amending to the rulebook and rather than break co-op and single player modes with ability card changes, I have added cards specifically for treachery mode. The character tracker boards now have a treachery side on the back.

Character boards have had an overhaul the problem with them previously was you could not see the tokens clearly.

Critical hits have now been added to the cards in a more graphical manner and poison now sits in the title bar.

The Standard Box

The standard box will look like this, this is a home greyboard prototype I made up. I have included foam core organisers for the 2 prototypes I will be sending out to reviewers, however the final product will not include these.

However I will upload PDF plans of these foam core organisers to the Kickstarter page so anyone not afraid of a little foam coring can make these.

The foam core insert will not be included with the standard box.

The Deluxe Chest

I will have a limited pledge level of wooden chests, each foam cored with an original artist sketch (by me). I wanted the deluxe box to be ready to play in two types of trays:
Set up trays – Remove your player cards whether you are playing standard or treachery mode and place the tray back in the box.
Play trays – A set of trays to hold your cards and tokens ready to play on the table.
I foam core most of my bought games, and this seemed like the natural thing to do.


Special Thanks

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Tone and Nath for helping me out with this Game, I owe you beers lots of beers.

Please Help

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More updates to follow very soon.