UK Games Expo, Feedback and More


The UK Games Expo

The Expo was far bigger then the previous 2 years I have attended and was the second time I took Ravage. Last year it was half the game it is now and so much has improved over the last year with it.

I was booked into the play test section for 3 hours on the Saturday, and couldn’t fit everyone in that wanted to play

IMG_5983IMG_6002Whilst playtesting two guys standing nearby watching were reading the rules getting really excited saying “did you read the bit about loot, you can loot each other” they came back for a playtest at the end of the day. One of my favourite comments of the day was “I could swing these axes all day” referring to the Berserker. Ravage got great scores on the playtest sheets and it was great to chat to the playtesters after the game. I got a few great ideas to incorporate into the next prototype which I now have in physical form and on Tabletop Simulator.
Some players couldn’t get a game in so I arranged 3 other playtests on the saturday 2 during the day and 1 that night. So humbling to play with such great people who have such a passion for the hobby and to get such a great response from hard-core gamers.

I did however get to play some games with friends we played “Ashes – Rise of the Phoenix Born”, “Zombicide Black Plague”, “Star Realms” and “Dungeon Roll” unfortunately I could not take Shadows of Brimstone with me as it didn’t fit in the case… maybe next year.


LootNew Loot Mechanic

Rather than heading for loot in the dungeon you can spend an action to search for loot use the trap die, this seemed to work really well and removed the “well I can’t attack him this go so I will wait till my next turn” comments.

Character Boards

These have been completely overhauled and the hero card his health, energy, xp and teef are on this tracker with space for the hero ability cards which are now on smaller half size cards, this reduces table clutter and is a great improvement, and the hero character cards have been removed as they are now the Character Boards.

Simplified DiceCritical Hits for Monsters

If monsters roll above a set amount they now perform an additional ability detailed on the cards such as:
Snake Warrior: when rolling defence if they roll higher than 3 they use “Tail Strike” to knock back heroes 5 tiles, other abilities include “Swift Reactions” deal the damage then attack an additional player within range.

ArcherDesign and Artwork

I have redesigned the dice icons and range on the banners to be more simplistic, and completed the artwork for Summoned Skeleton Archer one of the minions who can run around the dungeon with the cultist controlling them.

Playtest with me

Send me an email if you want to play Ravage on Tabletop Simulator and we can organise a time.


I am constantly posting sketches, paintings and token sheets, me creating the box etc on instagram, please over there and keep more updated.