Whats new, well…

First up, thank for your patience, tweaks have been the main area of focus over the last month and lots of play testing co-op and treachery modes. Without further ado lets get on with it!

UK GameExpo

I shall be attending the UK GamesExpo next weekend and shall be in the playtest area with Ravage on the Friday between 2-5pm It would be great to put faces to names so please nip by have a game and say hi.



Now have their own ability cards rather than being another monster thats just tougher. I wanted to make each boss unique so each boss has 4 unique ability cards which you shuffle and each turn you flip a card to see what type of attack they will perform, whether its a “Tail Swipe” knocking your heroes back whist also doing damage or Burst of Flames scattering fire tokens around the dungeon making it harder to get to the boss without getting burnt. You get the idea – bosses are bad and need to be taken out.


Character Tracker

I now have a character tracker to keep track of your energy, XP and teef, this has reduced the number of tokens in the game considerably.


Resurrection Circles

4 of these have been added to dungeon cards, and 1 obviously on the start card, this just means when you die you don’t have to restart in 1 location if others are in play you can choose which resurrection circle to restart on.

The Box

I originally created the box to be a set size, however produced the artwork at double what I needed thankfully it really was a squeeze to get it all in the smaller box, so had to increase the size of the box to accommodate.