Experience = Level Up

Ravage has undergone some changes to mainly the experience tracker and levelling system. It works like this you gain energy from rolling the dice spend that energy on skills to do more damage or perform a special action once used that energy is placed on the experience tracker use 4 experience to level up a skill card, flip it over. For example the shaman can turn himself into Raven form or if  his lycanthropy skill is levelled up he can transform into bear form. Each character can choose which skills to upgrade depending on their play style.

levelupNew card prototypes arrived from drivethru cards and are being put through more play testing at the moment, let me tell you lots of beer, snacks and hard work has gone into this game blood sweat and tears too.

I should really introduce myself, my name is Ian Schofield and I have been creating Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder so what does that entail: the game design, the illustrations the graphic design and the rulebook, not to mention all the admin tasks that come with trying to organise a Kickstarter and play testing sessions. My friends help out every now and then with rules clarifications and play testing. Which brings me onto the unfortunate news that an April release will not be possible at present, while I work through the last phase of play testing, a few final pieces of illustration and organising all the manufacturing and shipping elements to the game.

I have 2 cards that will require backer input once it gets to Kickstarter, there is a  boss and a ranged monster card which you will be able to vote on what type of creature/monster they will appear in the final game.