Ravage – XP Boost

Its been a while since I released an update, lets get to what has been going on:


The cover art is complete, I still need to design the sides and back of the box, more card art has been done however I shall save those images for a future update.

Feedback and Play Testing

Lots of feedback from play testers has honed the game even more focusing mainly on 4 player mode and solo play at present, amendments to card text and rules has made the game clearer and more fun to play.


Game Improvements

I have introduced an experience tracker to the game, which rewards you for using energy you can cash these in for bonuses at the end of your turn. I have updated and added more traps, made more graphical improvements to the card layouts, and gone through every card and made adjustments to make them all the decks consistent. Hero abilities have been updated so you can combo cards such as adding poison arrows to your bow for the head hunter and the shaman can boost his defence using the spiritual shield at any point for energy tokens. Entangling roots now appear next to you and give all monsters within a 4 tile radius +1 attack.



The rulebook has gone through several changes and is almost finished, you can now read that here, obviously it may change over the next few months.


Beer Labels

I also turned some of my card art into beer labels just for the fun of it. “InnKeeper a pint of your finest SpittleDung!”

Tabletop Simulator – Seeking Play Testers

I have ported the game into tabletop simulator again, if you have Tabletop Simulator and would like to try Ravage send me an email info@beardybrothers.com .