Ravage – Gameplay Modes

Game Modes

After much thought I have changed Ravage to include different play modes, as a gamer myself sometimes I don’t want to play versus but play co-op it can largely depend on the dynamic of your group, and sometimes I might want to tramp through a dungeon on my own.

The game will now include the following modes as standard:



Play through 8 quests in this co-op adventure. You are still bad people doing bad stuff, don’t expect a pie quest.


This is essentially a vs mode, once the boss is defeated the player who gained the most teef is the winner.


Play the dungeon and try to survive 8 rounds and defeat the boss.

Adding the Campaign mode introduced an additional 26 cards to the set and more tokens, and all the previous trap cards were hero specific are now available to use on heroes or monsters, some cards were removed to make the set play better in all modes.


I finished the Cultist card artwork, very happy with how it turned out, still lots of artwork to complete.


The dice, attack and defence values for all characters has been overhauled after 4 days working on probability and percentages my ears bled and my head hurt. This makes the game much more balanced.


More playtesting is being done, so Ravage is getting under a few more noses, and feedback is helping shape Ravage into a much better game.


The rulebook has had another round of changes and has been designed now, still lots of people need to read that to finalise it. Here is a glimpse.