Ravage Card Game Update



I have been hiding away in my hovel play testing, revising card designs, and creating lots of new artwork for Ravage Dungeons of plunder over the past couple of months. So I apologise for the lack of online presence of late, I am doing this mostly on my own, some friends help out here and there and their help is invaluable. Anyway enough of that, whats new!


The UK GamesEXPO play testing sessions were well received a few minor points needed fixing and some clarifications were necessary in the rules and on the cards, the winners went home with original artist sketches from me. There were a few sad faces that didn’t get to play Ravage on the Saturday I am sure we can sort a game for another time though.

DeckCard Designs

I have revised the look of the cards making it a much more unified design, the banner on the monster and hero cards is flatter allowing you to see the icons much easier, as well as countless other design decisions were made.

I have also included small arrow indicators on the dungeon cards allowing the players to see which direction they can explore. That was floated a couple of times during play testing and so has made it into the game.


I have also added room cards to the game, which really opens the levels up. After drawing a room card from the dungeon deck, you go through the room deck to place the cards that make up the room. They are generally between 2-4 cards per room.


I have been beavering away on the new artwork monsters, bosses, heroes, skills and item cards, and also revisiting a few pieces I wasn’t happy with as I want the quality of this game to be the best I can make it.

Game Modes

I find when buying a game I want to know if it’s vs, co-op or if it supports single player. Backstabbing games tend to work better with 3 or more players. Co-op is good from 2-4 or more players. With that in mind I am in the process of trying to add other game modes and testing them out, such as standard (vs) quests (co-op) and single player. These may be stretch goals at present as it introduces more cards more writing, rules, artwork and more weight to ship etc.

Whats Next

Well its back to work more artwork needs completing, when that is done I shall be finalising the quotes with the manufacturers distributors and aligning everything to start the Kickstarter.

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